eCommerce Web Design Package

eCOMMERCE Web Design Package

This Web Design Package you will get you a multi-paged CMS CMS means Content Management System. With a CMS you can log in to your website and change anything, add more functionality or add additional pages. With familiarity you can do all this without paying a developer. eCommerce website.

You choose from our range of multi-page eCommerce Website Designs. We then adapt it to your branding (colours and logo etc.) and personalise three non-shop pages The three pages will usually be Home, About Us and Contact Us, however you can decide which three pages with your content (copy, images etc.). We also setup and configure the online store and customise the  shop pages These pages will usually be the Shop page, and up to three of both Category pages and Product pages with your products. The package is covered with our Money Back Guarantee.

€895 + Vat
Included Non-Shop Features

Choice of multi-page website designs*

Styled in your branding and colours

Content added to 3 non-shop pages

Included and Configured Shop Features

Store Settings Configured

Product page Configured

3 products implemented

3 product categories set up

Shop Page configured

Basic set up of shipping

PayPal Payment Gateway set up

Tax Rates configured

More pages, functions, features and products can be added, personalised or configured for an extra fee.

* The design that you choose will be “as is”. Any design modification will incur a fee. If you do not find a design that you like contact us and we will either find one for you or design one for you for an extra fee.

Also included with your eCommerce Website (but not configured).

Inventory Management

Product Variations

Coupon Codes

Unlimited Categories/Products

Product Attributes

Product Up-Sell/Cross-Sell

Process Customer Returns

Sell Virtual Products

Order Notification emails

Core Features and Benefits included with all web design packages.

Responsive Design

HTML5 and CSS3 compliant

Designed for latest SEO

Powered by WordPress

Limitless additional pages

Manage your own content

Your site is portable

Multi-User Admin

Extend Functionality with Plugins

Core Features Explained

These additional Pages, Features and Services can be Purchased

Your chosen ecommerce website design will already include many of the add-on features listed below. It is only in cases where they are not already included in your design that an extra charge applies. It lists the most commonly required add-ons however almost any required functionality can be added. Contact us to discuss.

Additional Pages

Integrate your content to an additional page: €75

This package already includes the personalisation of three standard pages, however many of our available designs come with extra pages. This paid service applies when you want to personalise one of those extra pages.


Included in the price is On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for those extra pages. You will need to provide the key phrase(s).
A design change or a new page design will incur additional fees, see next paragraph.

New or Redesigned page: Request quote

This add-on applies when you want to change the design of one or more of the pages that come with your chosen web design or when you want to add more designed pages.


Page redesigns or new page designs will entail a design process and design approval. You will need to contact us for a quote.

Lead Generation Features

Install a Blog: €75

This service applies when your chosen website design does not come with blog functionality but you require a blog on your website. It includes a choice of different style options for both the blog page and the blog post page.

NOTE: Blog Functionality consists of a single “blog page” and several individual blog posts.  (The “blog page” is a single page with a listing of all current and archived blog posts)

Create your first post on an existing Blog: €75

This option is useful if you have never created a blog post before and you would like us to get you started on blogging with your content. Once you have one post correctly implemented, it should be easy to create subsequent ones. We also complete on-page SEO for the blog post. Style changes are not included in the price.

Social Sharing: €65

The purpose of this is to make it possible for your customers to share your pages and content via social media. We setup social sharing icons in all content pages, shop pages and product pages.

MailChimp Integration: €100

This involves implementing the appropriate plug-in and setting up and validating an account with MailChimp linked to your website email signup forms.


We include a signup page and signup popup as required. Any newsletter signup links that come with your chosen web design are also configured. You will then be able to start growing your email list and send out periodic newsletters.

Advanced email capture: Starting at €100

In order to increase your newsletter signups you may need to provide something useful for free in return for a signup. (It could be an exclusive discount or a free ebook or guide etc.).


At a minimum you would need a banner on your website explaining your offer and a system that sends an automatic email to the customer on signup. The email would provide access to your free item. (a download link or a discount coupon for example). To find out more or for a quote contact us.

Twitter, Google+ or Facebook Page setup: €50

A Facebook (business) Page, a Twitter Profile or a Google+ profile. We will setup, configure and link the page with your website. You will need to supply the content (logo, About Us and main image).

Google My Business Listing: €50

Every business with a physical address should have the business listed on Google My Business. We can set up this property and assist you in getting it verified by Google.


It can be a great way to get your business found as it places your business info in Search Results, Maps and Google+. Customers will also see your phone number and hours of operation in Search Results. Additionally they will be able to get driving directions to your location. A Google+ business page is a prerequisite for creating a My Business account. Setting up a Google+ pages is charged separately.


On-Page eCommerce SEO: €200

With this paid On-Page SEO service a) each of three personalised pages of your multi-page website will be optimised for the keywords or key phrases that you supply and b) likewise for up to three product categories and three product pages. In addition, all products and categories added subsequently will be automatically optimised around product titles and descriptions. Our Web Design Packages come “SEO Ready” i.e. with an SEO plugin installed, making it possible for you to complete SEO yourself or with a third party.

more about our SEO...

Some more steps we take include setting up Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), submitting an XML sitemap to Google Search Console, setting and composing H1 header, Meta Title and Meta Description for each of the pages mentioned above.

It is a good idea to first perform Keyword Research before proceeding with on-page SEO, see next paragraph.

Keyword Research: €50/hour

The goal of this service is to determine appropriate keywords and key phrases to be found for, in search engines such as Google. Optimising for common search terms is usually a waste of time and money unless you are a large, well known business with a large internet footprint. If you are not in that category, expect to land on the 3rd page or, more likely, even further down the search results. You have a far greater chance of being found if you optimise for “long tail key words” (multi word phrases). This research is about finding those phrases that you are likely to be competitive with.


In our research we take into account your content, products and services, your niche and keywords and key phrases used by your competitors and the relative difficulty in being found for selected long tail keywords. The more competitive your niche, the more work has to be done to find keywords that you can be competitive with. At a minimum 4 hours of research is needed for a result, usually more.
NOTE: After keywords have been identified you should have your current pages optimised around them. After that you should consider creating landing pages or blog posts for the sole purpose of optimising for each of these appropriate keywords and key phrases. Beyond that you can expect to rank very high in search results (SERP) if you implement a Content Marketing Strategy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics BASIC: €25

This is the minimum GA install. We will create a Google Analytics account for you and we will add the Analytics code to your website.

Google Analytics PLUS: €75

The Basic Google Analytics install + filtering out false data + setting up Master and Test Views. NOTE: Without this advanced filtering, your data will probably be incorrect as it will include ghost referrals and spam bot data.

Google Analytics ADVANCED: Starting at €100

This is in addition to our “Google Analytics PLUS” implementation. It can include Implementing Event Tracking, Goal Tracking, and linking to Google Search Console. It can also include one or more of Segmenting, Marketing Campaign Tracking, Google Ad Campaign Tracking, Remarketing, Custom Reports and Goal Attribution.

Google Analytics ECOMMERCE TRACKING: €75

Integrate your eCommerce platform with Google Analytics. This is a highly recommended option for any online store.

eCommerce Options

Advanced Product Options: €150

You need Advanced Product Options when the standard out-of-the-box Product Variations functionality does not give you enough flexibility. In general, if your products have more than two variation types e.g. size and colour, then you will need Advanced Product Options

how Standard Variable Products work...

Variable products are a product type that lets you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image and more for each variation. They can be used for a product like a shirt, where you can offer a large, medium and small and in different colors. To find out more or for a quote contact us.

Advanced Shipping: Starting at €150

You need Advanced Shipping when our Standard Shipping does not give you enough flexibility. However, our Standard Shipping is quiet powerful and is all that most online traders need.

how Standard Shipping works...

[Flat Rate Shipping]: the charge can be made up of two parts. Charge 1, applied to the whole cart and Charge 2 (based on product class), applied per order or per class. Both these charges can be A) a fixed amount or B) two-part; based on the number of products in the cart + an additional fee based on the order cost or a minimum fee. Flat Rate Shipping can be implemented for two different zones or regions with different charges for each. For example National/International or EU/Outside EU etc. [Free Shipping]: there is no option to charge with this method, however you can apply minimum order amount and free shipping coupon conditions for it to apply, [Local Delivery] where you deliver to a limited, defined area. You have the option to charge a fixed amount, a percentage of the order or a fixed amount per product. [Local Pickup] allows customers to pick up orders themselves for free but only offered for a well defined area. NOTE: The main limiting factor with Standard Shipping is that only two zones can be established for Flat Rate Shipping as described above. When you require different shipping rates for region 1, region 2 and region 3 it usually means you need Advanced Shipping (in some cases we can work around it). To find out more or for a quote contact us.

Product Add-ons: Starting at €150

Product Add-ons (different to product variations) allows your customers to customise your products by adding new options by means of input boxes, dropdowns or checkboxes. You can have your customer personalise their order with gift messages, donations, uploading of a file, laser engraving and any other “add-on” that requires user input.

Product Add-Ons explained...

Product Add-Ons supports required fields, text areas, checkboxes, radios, select boxes, custom price inputs and file upload boxes. Add-ons can be added globally or per-product. To find out more or for a quote contact us.

Print Invoices, Packing Lists & Pick Lists: Starting at €100

Printable Invoices, Packing Lists and Pick Lists do not come standard with your eCommerce Package. This add-on feature will give you all three. Including invoices with shipped orders allows you to provide important order and policy information to customers when they receive their purchases.


This plugin allows you to easily print documents for orders straight from the Orders page (individually and in bulk), while editing orders, and allows customer to view invoices from the “My Account” page.

Stripe Payments: €50

Your eCommerce Web Design Package comes with PayPal implemented as standard. With PayPal your customers will be able to pay with a credit card. There are no recurring fees or anything additional to spend unlike when you set up a merchant account with your bank. While PayPal is not quiet as good a solution as Stripe, it costs less to implement and is still very popular with small online businesses.

How PayPal works...

As with bank merchant accounts, PayPal takes a commission on all transactions (as does Stripe). PayPal also takes the customer away from your website temporarily in order to process customers’ sensitive financial data when completing the sale (that is why a SSL certificate is not required with PayPal). The preferred approach, particularly with established companies, is where the customer stays on the merchant’s website to the end of the transaction and is not even aware of what payment gateway is being used. This does not happen with PayPal. Finally, PayPal does not make it obvious to the customer that they can pay with credit card. This could sometimes lead to loosing the sale.

How Stripe works...

As with bank merchant accounts and PayPal, Stripe also takes a commission on all transactions. Stripe Payment Gateway commissions have become less than those of PayPal. (this is subject to change). In the case of Stripe, the customer is not taken away from the site. A SSL security certificate is required to be able to accept Stripe Payments. A SSL certificate must be purchased separately. Having a SSL certificate also gives SEO benefits, as Google’s search algorithm favours websites with a SSL cert. see the SSL Certificate add-on below

Tech Support

Standard Tech Support: €30/month (paid annually)

We provide free Tech Support for the first 30 days after the go live date and for the first 30 days after completion of any other service. After this period, Tech Support is charged at an hourly rate of €50. If you purchase our Standard Tech Support Plan you will get up to one hour of support, site restores or website edits per month.

Website Security

Typical Security Risks: Risks can be divided into two broad categories: A) Data (Loss of website data or Stealing of sensitive data) and B) Malware Infection, where third party software is maliciously planted in a website or web server. In the case of Malware Infection your website is hijacked and used for malicious purposes for a third party, such as email spamming or something more sinister like stealing data. One of the issues with malware infection is that your own website could be blacklisted by Google or ISP’s or email providers.

Strategies to Reduce Security Risks: Reducing such risks can also be divided into two broad categories: 1) Backup & Restore strategy and 2) Defensive and Detection strategies. For these strategies we offer the following services: Automatic Backups, Defensive Security, Software Maintenance, and Malware Detection.

Some typical scenarios ...

Scenario 1: Websites with no sensitive company data or no such data stored on the server where the website is hosted:

  • Static websites (no updates since the last backup): There is virtually no risk associated with data loss as it can be fully restored to the original backup copy and additionally, there is no sensitive data to steal.
  • Websites that have frequent non-customer content updates. (Brochure or Portfolio websites for example) There is a possibility of data loss but the data is usually not critical and not sensitive so the risk is low. A backup and restore strategy is recommended.
  • Websites with non sensitive customer data. (data such as contact information, login information and order information). This applies to ecommerce websites and membership websites etc. The website owner has to make the determination as to whether the data is sensitive or not. There is a possibility of data loss and so long as the data is not considered sensitive the risk is low but not as low as with non-customer data (mentioned above). Both a backup and restore strategy and implementation of simple defensive mechanisms is recommended at a minimum.

Scenario 2: Websites with sensitive company data or sensitive customer data. For example credit card, bank or health data. Loss of data or stealing of data is possible and the associated risk is very high. A Backup and Restore strategy is essential. Defensive security measures and Detection mechanisms are all highly recommended.


There is no such thing as a zero risk strategy. Defensive strategies aim to prevent both data loss/stealing and malware infection. Defensive mechanisms range from quick and easy all the way to very time consuming and expensive. One of the most effective (and costly) mechanisms involves keeping all software and plugins updated with the latest updates, particularly security patches, sometimes know as a Maintenance Program. All but the largest companies will opt for a defensive strategy somewhere in the middle. Detection mechanisms (i.e. scanning for malware) is relatively inexpensive to implement and a reasonable compromise when a maintenance Program is seen as cost prohibitive.

Automatic Site Backup Service: €150

With this service, a system is put in place to provide a daily backup of your entire website, stored in a secure location, not on your shared hosting server. A backup will be kept for each of the previous 30 days. NOTE: Restoring a backup will incur a fee unless a Tech Support Plan has been purchased.


We also make a courtesy backup copy of your entire website at the moment your site goes live and store it in a secure location. You can avail of this backup at no charge any time. This will NOT be an adequate backup for a website undergoing constant updates and particularly an eCommerce website. Any changes and customer orders that occur after the site is launched will be lost unless a backup service is in place.

Website Security Defenses: €75

With this service we take a number of defensive security steps to help protect your site from malware and/or data theft:

see the details...
  • Brute Force login-in Protection: This will lock-out users that attempt to guess your login details by repeatedly trying different usernames and passwords.
  • Strong password enforcement.
  • Hiding the admin login area. This changes the default location for your login screen thereby adding an extra layer of protection from hackers.
  • Prevent know Bad Bots from crawling your site.
  • Modify WordPress’ Database Prefix: This helps to prevent attacks that attempt to inject code into your wordPress database.

Malware Detection Service: €100/year

This service checks your site daily for any known malware and checks if your site have been blacklisted by Google or other major ISPs due to suspected malware. Note: In the event of Malware detection, website repair and software updates will incur a fee unless a Tech Support Plan & Software Maintenance Plan have been purchased.

Software Maintenance Plan starting at €400/year

In addition to the standard security steps taken above, it is recommended best practice to carry out regular software maintenance to ensure your are running the latest version of wordPress core files, theme files and plugin files.


Most software updates include security patches that prevent hackers from exploiting known security vulnerabilities. To find out more or for a quote contact us.

SSL Certificate: €150/year typically

A SSL certificate is used to keep sensitive information, sent across the Internet, encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it.


It also has some secondary benefits: for example SEO benefits, as Google’s search algorithm favours websites with a SSL cert. It also makes impersonation of your website, for the purpose of phishing, more difficult. This along with the trust seal that comes with it will give your visitors more trust. If you use PayPal to process payments a SSL certificate is not required. If you use Stripe Payments it is required. see the Stripe Payments section (only applies to eCommerce). The price of a SSL cert. depends on a number of factors including the choice of cert. provider and the web hosting provider.

Other Services

Branded email setup: €50

Present a more profession image to your clients by having your own branded email addresses, such as “[email protected]”. We will configure up to 5 email addresses using your domain name in your hosting environment.

Training: €50/hour

For eCommerce we recommend a minimum of 8 hours of training, to be broken into two or three sessions so that you can manage your new website and continue to add/modify website content in the future.

Who Should Purchase this Package?

Any small businesses, sole trader, club, organisation or professional wishing to sell products or services online.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are written in simple straightforward language, not "legalese". They are also divided into sections to make them easy to read.

Website Implementation Steps and Payments:

There are 5 steps to our website implementation process

  1. The client selects a web design package and pays 50%*
  2. The client chooses a website design and TOSNU creates a preliminary version the website. After approval the client pays 25%*
  3. The client is given a list of content to provide
  4. Once all the content is delivered, TOSNU creates the final version of the website. After final approval, the client pays the final 25%*.
  5. After final payment and if applicable, TOSNU migrates the site to the client's hosting. The website goes "live". TOSNU also provides unfettered access to the website and completes the website handoff.

*NOTE: Charges for any services intended to be provided after the website is completed, such as training, ongoing-SEO etc. are not included in these staged payments.

Other Services:

Other services such as training, ongoing-SEO etc. must be paid in advance. The client can request splitting the service into blocks. in that case, only the agreed block of service requires to be paid in advance.

Website Designs:

The website designs are provided "as is". Aside from styling and content integration, no modification is included in the price. Any modification will give rise to an additional fee.

Website Style:

The "Style" of a website is not to be confused with the "Design" of the website. All available Web Designs are unique "Designs" and come with an inherent "Style". Making changes to the style only involves changes to colours and fonts.

Website Content:

Website content is the responsibility of the client. After supplying the required content list to the client, TOSNU will await complete delivery of content before proceeding to work on completing the website.

Website Imagery:

Any image found in our range of available website designs is for demonstration purposes only and is not licensed to be used by the client.

Each image to be used in the final version of the client's website must be owned by the client or have a suitable license.

Money Back Guarantee:

1) The Money Back Guarantee applies to the Web Design Package only. It does not cover any other items or additional services.

2) The Money Back Guarantee expires once TOSNU receives final approval for the completed website.


We warranty all our work against errors or defects, however the warranty is limited. Covered: The client is expected to check the website for errors or defects before giving the final approval. Similarly for any other services. Errors or defects detected after the website goes live will be fixed provided they are brought to our attention within 30 calendar days from the go live date. Errors or defects detected in other services will be fixed provided they are brought to our attention within 30 calendar days from the completion date of the particular service. Not Covered: Errors or defects detected outside the periods covered (see above) will be fixed at standard rates. Unless otherwise agreed, the chosen website design is offered "as is". Refer to the paragraph on Website Designs.

Tech Support:

For issues concerning the website we will provide free tech support for the first 30 days after the go live date. For issues concerning any service provided post launch we will provide free tech support for the first 30 days after completion of the service. After that we only provide tech support if the client purchases a tech support plan.

Disaster Recovery:

TOSNU will make a backup copy of your entire website at the moment it goes live. In the unlikely event of a serious problem where the client's website gets corrupted and cannot be adequately recovered the client can avail of this backup at no charge. NOTE1: Unless the client has a tech support plan there will be a fee charged for restoring the website to the backup copy. NOTE2: The client can avail of a recent backup copy of the website provided the client has purchased a backup plan in advance. If no backup plan is purchased then the most recent backup copy will be from the go live date.

Limitation of Liability:

The total liability of TOSNU Web Solutions for all losses, damages, costs and expenses shall not exceed the amount paid to TOSNU Web Solutions.