What is the purpose of your website?

Before you embark on implementing your website, it is vital that you first determine what it’s purpose is going to be. Without being clear about this the business runs the risk of squandering time and money on the website. At TOSNU we keep things simple, making it easy for you to determine the purpose of your website.

What is the Purpose of your website ?

(or showcase your work)



Establish Credentials

(or showcase your work)

If what you require is an online presence where clients and potential clients can learn all about your business then the purpose of your website is to establish credentials. At a minimum  a 3 page website is required (pages: Home, About Us, and Contact Us).


A 3 page website (Home – About-Us – Contact Us)  is frequently referred to as a Brochure Website. Having an additional “Services” page is not uncommon also. A Brochure Website would suffice for professionals such as Accountants, Dentists, Consultants etc. looking for a minimal approach or starter website. See TOSNU’s Brochure Web Design Package.

Brochure Web Design Package


Some businesses will need to showcase work or services with Portfolio functionality. This type of website is frequently referred to as a Portfolio Website. It is ideal for Architects, Photographers or Artists to showcase their work. TOSNU offers a Portfolio Web Design Package which is a Brochure Web Design Package + Portfolio functionality.

Generate Leads

If what you require is a website that will help generate leads, where you can grow your contact list and engage with potential customers, subscribers or members to make offers or to win business then you would need Lead Generation functionality built into your website. Typical functionality could include the following:

  1. Social Follow links/icons on your website
  2. Social share links throughout your website
  3. Newsletter signup and integration
  4. Google business listing
  5. Google Analytics installed
  6. Blog

All TOSNU’s web design packages include 1. above. All other lead generation functions can be added to any web design package before project start or can be added in a second phase of the web development.

Sell Products & Services

When products and Services need to be sold online an eCommerce website is required. The website needs to include an online store (sometimes known as a shopping cart).


TOSNU has an eCOMMERCE Web Design package that is a Brochure Web Design Package + an Online Store.

eCommerce Web Design Package